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Let's Put Social Back in Social Media!

What the heck happened to Social Media?

It's becoming uncomfortable using social media these days because it seems to me that all you see lately is politics, and it's getting nasty. Why is that? Social media started out simple enough. You shared pictures and funny stories about your weekend with all your friends, family, and co-workers, and everyone had a great time.

Somehow things change about 10 years ago, when Barack Obama realized how he could tap into social media to organize his supporters. Ever since then it seems that just about every post you see has some political agenda, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

Before social media, I had no idea what some of my closest friends and family felt about political issues, and frankly, I liked it that way. For what it's... [More]

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I Hate Bathroom Sounds!

The acoustics in public bathrooms stinks!

One of the problems with bathrooms is they're loaded with hard surfaces that have a tendency to echo and amplify the kinds of sounds that nobody wants to hear in the first place.

Let's face it, none of us likes public restrooms, and I've already posted more than a few rants about how they can be improved. Today I'm going to tackle another 800 pound gorilla... the SOUNDs you hear in public restrooms, and what I think should be done about it.

At the root of the problem is the complete lack of soft surfaces and background noise, making just about any sound uncomfortably loud. It wouldn't be so bad, but the few sounds you hear aren't exactly pleasant. The sound of silence is deafening, which is probably why you hear so many people cl... [More]

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Pick On THIS!

Admit it. You pick your nose. Everybody picks their nose.

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Jerry's girlfriend left him because she saw him scratching his in his car, but she thought he was picking his nose? What's the big deal? Doesn't EVERYONE pick their nose from time to time?

We all have noses, and from time to time we get things stuck in our nose that simply won't come out when we blow our noses. When that happens, what are we supposed to do? It's not like we have a thousand ways to get rid of snot. When boogers won't come out when we blow our nose, there's only one strategy that's proven to work... picking your nose.

Why should there be a stigma for this basic nose cleaning activity. After all, we pick our children's noses when they're stuffed up, so why... [More]

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Why Is There No Calculator App On The iPad?

Apparently, Apple does't think people with iPads need to do math.

Apple does a great job of integrating all their devices into one friendly ecosystem. Just about anything you can do on your iPhone, you can do on your Mac or your iPad. However, for some reason Apple still doesn't have a Calculator App on the iPad. Why is that?

This has bugged me for almost 10 years. Although there are a number of free or paid Calculator Apps in the App store, there's no reason for Apple to leave it out. The Calculator App is one of the few things that Apple has included in every platform since the original Macintosh in 1984, yet here it is nearly 10 years after the introduction of the iPad, and they still don't have a Calculator App.

Enough With The Photo Tagging!

Think before you tag!

Social media is a wonderful thing. Where else can you share photos of the macaroni and cheese you just made with all your friends, family, and coworkers? Before Facebook came along, sharing photos meant that you had two copies made of each print, so you can give away the extra copy.

Since then, we can not only share every photo with hundreds of our friends and family at once, we can even share them with strangers who happen to be the friends and family of the people we tag in photos. That's where things start to get weird.

The trouble with tagging photos is that a lot of people don't realize that when you tag the people in your photos, you are essentially adding your photo to the Timelines of every person you tag. This means all their friends and f... [More]

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Did you know that grand prize on America's Got Talent is spread out over 40 years?

The winner of last year's million dollar prize on America's Got Talent was 13 years old, which is a pretty good thing, because at least she'll get a chance to spend it while she's relatively young. That's because the prize is spread out over 40 years, which works out to be about $25,000 per year. So the 13 year old winner will be 53 by the time she's received her last payment.

That's just plain bizarre, especially when you consider all the hype around the prize itself, and the seemingly unlimited budget they spend on just about everything else on the show. I wouldn't be surprised of somebody like Howard Stern was paid a million an episode, meanwhile the winner walks away with $25,000 per year... [More]

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Reality TV Shouldn't Feature Illegal Activity

Reality TV needs a reality check.

I recently saw a "Reality TV" show that follows the ins and outs of a bunch of back woods Moonshiners. I don't know much about the show, but it seemed to me that entire premise of the show was that these guys were running an illegal still in the middle of the woods so that they could avoid being caught by the police. Even if they "faked" the whole thing, isn't it still wrong?

No matter how you slice it, the whole thing is wrong. If they weren't actually making illegal Moonshine, it was fake and they were deceiving the audience. If it was real, everyone involved, including the cast and their entire crew were breaking the law. Either way, they were glorifying criminal activity.

While I don't watch much TV, I stumbled on several other sho... [More]

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Dash-Cam With a Tattle Tale Button!

Wouldn't it be great if you could hit a button on your dash-cam whenever you see somebody doing something unsafe?

There are a lot of unsafe drivers out there. Whenever I see somebody doing something unsafe, the first thing that comes to my mind is hoping a police officer saw it too. That's where today's idea of the day comes from.

I'd love to see a dash cam that could automatically send the last minute of footage to the police, so they'll have evidence of unsafe drivers. All you'd have to do is hit the button within a minute or so of the incident. Ideally, if the system was anonymous, everyone would be willing to use it whenever you see something wrong. Think of it as a roaming Big Brother. If enough people have this system, there would be a lot fewer people driving like... [More]

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DRIVING with Bumper Guards is STUPID!

What's the deal with all those stupid Bumper Guards?

Why are so many people DRIVING with Bumper Guards?

So let me get this straight. People buy these ugly looking things to put on their bumpers so that other cars won't scratch them. Meanwhile, the bumper guards are 1000 times uglier than the scratches they were designed to prevent. Brilliant. Meanwhile, I see DRIVING with them every day throughout New York City and it makes me scratch my head and wonder how the heck they became so popular.... and WHY don't they TAKE THEM OFF them when they drive?

It reminds me of the days when people put plastic on their couches to keep them from looking dirty.

As a New Yorker, I can totally understand the concept behind the idea itself. You get back to your car and notice a brand new sc... [More]

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Don't PEE on Toilet Seats!

Some people are disgusting PIGS!

One of the most disgusting things about public restrooms is walking into a stall and finding that the entire toilet seat is covered with PEE. Why on earth is this so common? I used to think it was mainly from young kids who aren't mature enough to manage their bathroom routines, but I often see this in office buildings, where the only people using them are so-called "adults".

Can you imagine that? These are professional office workers who don't have the common sense to simply lift up the toilet seat before they pee. Why... Why... WHY?

Artificial Food Colors are STUPID!

Why the heck do so many companies still use food coloring?

In spite of the trend in healthy food options, you still artificial colors in the ingredient list of many products. Most of them are unnatural and they don't enhance the flavor of the food... so what's the point?

For example, sports drinks like Gatorade are targeted towards athletes, who tend to be health conscious consumers, yet they come in the most un-natural colors like bright green and blue. Why not remove the colors? Even if the colors are safe... do they really need them?

Thankfully a few companies like General Mills are reversing the trend by removing artificial colors from all their cereal brands, including colorful brands like Trix, which is just as colorful as ever, but all the colors are from fruits.... [More]

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The Solution to Dirty Public Restrooms

Public bathrooms STINK... but there's an easy solution!

We all know people can be disgusting pigs, but they're only PART of the problem. The real problem is that people have no way to clean up after themselves. The solution is as simple as giving bathroom patrons access to cleaning products.

I'm not suggesting that patrons are going to spend an hour cleaning a filthy bathroom, but the bottom line is that SOME of them will take the time to clean up after themselves when they make a mess, as long as they have the tools to do so. Without placing cleaning products in the bathroom, there's a zero percent chance they will do it.

Even if NOBODY cleaned up after themselves, EVERYONE will use those products to at least clean the toilet seat BEFORE sitting on it. That's a fact.... [More]

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A FIRST For Everything?

Enough with all the firsts!

History books are loaded with "Firsts". Some of them are pretty well known, like George Washington, Christopher Columbus, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, or Jackie Robinson. I don't even need to mention what their "Firsts" were, because they're that well known. The trouble is, we've become obsessed with firsts, and it's diminishing the true meaning of first.

For example, when Sonya Sotomayor became a member of the Supreme Court, the press made a big deal of the fact that she was a hispanic woman. The fact that she's a hispanic woman means nothing to me and it diminishes her accomplishments as a judge. Instead of being known for historic cases she presides over, the history books will undoubtedly focus on her gender and ethnicity.

Firsts are firs... [More]

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The Problem With Tagless Underwear

Some Doctors and Nurses Set a BAD Example

Why do so many doctors and nurses smoke?

Social Media and Politics Don't Mix

When was the last time somebody changed your mind with a political Facebook post?

It seems to me that the majority of social media posts these days are political. Meanwhile, after hundreds of millions of political posts, I don't think a single person has ever been persuaded to change their mind, so why bother?

Chances are, at least 50% of your friends and family disagree with your political position, which means that every time you post something on Facebook, you're either preaching to the choir, or pissing people off. There is no middle ground. Anyone who already agrees with you will simply nod their head and click the like button, and the other half will just think less of you. You simply can't win.

Why not go back to the way thing were? The old days of social media... [More]

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Why does Amazon allow Technology Scalpers?

For some reason, whenever new game consoles come out from Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft they have a hard time building enough of them to meet demand, which creates a huge opportunity for Technology Scalpers to take advantage of people willing to pay a premium just to get their hands on them.

For example, ever since the Nintendo Switch was released about a month or so ago, it's virtually impossible finding one... at the regular price. What really bugs me is that at any time, there are at least 500 third-party sellers on Amazon selling them for at least $200 above the list price. How is it that all these third party sellers have plenty of them in-stock, meanwhile Amazon, the world's largest retailer has never even taken one order from... [More]

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Is There Safety in Numbers?

Why do large crowds of people turn into mobs?

They say there's safety in numbers, but as the numbers get larger, things can get pretty ugly.

For some reason, whenever large groups of people get together, a strange phenomenon takes place. With each new person added to the group, the group turns into a crowd, and as the crowd grows, so does the chance that it will turn into something entirely different... a mob.

Mobs are totally unpredictable, regardless of the situation that brought them together. I first experienced this in 1986, when I went to see the New York Mets ticker tape parade in New York City after winning the World Series. The parade was beautiful and there was nothing but positivity in the air, but as I drifted through the crowd, I soon realized things were get... [More]

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Where's The (Bathroom) Hook?

Don't you hate when a public bathroom doesn't give you a place to hang your coat?

It drives me crazy when I go into a public restroom and I don't see a hook anywhere in the stall. Where do they expect us to put our coats? Either the management never noticed it, because they keep their coats in their offices... or the more likely reason, they simply don't care about their customers.

Without a hook, we are forced to either try to hold our coat while we take care of business, or figure out a way to flop it over the door. It's not easy, especially in the winter, when people have heavier coats.

What bugs me most about this problem is that there's such a simple, and inexpensive solution. All they need to do is mount a simple hook somewhere in the stall.

Today's Horror Movies Aren't Scary!

Call me old fashioned, but I think today's horror movies suck.

There's a big difference between the classic horror movies of the past compared to the ones made today. To me, the biggest change is that I simply don't think they're scary.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of jump out of your seat moments, but that's not what I'd call a real scare. To me, that's a "Jump Scare", where the essence of the scare was simply that something popped on the screen out of the blue and surprised you. I've never been a fan of that kind of scare. Anyone can do that by simply walking up to you and shouting "BOO!".

By contrast, horror movies in the past were based less on jump scares, and more on genuinely scary premises. For example, Jaws genuinely scared people, not just because th... [More]

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The Airlines Dragged This Out of Me.

Why do airlines ask people to get off an overbooked flight?

With all the controversy over the recent dragging of a United Airlines passenger this past week or so, I can't help but wonder one thing... Why do they even have to ask in the first place?

While I've never seen anyone dragged off a plane before, I've been on quite a few flights where the airlines have made announcements asking for volunteer passengers willing to accept a cash payment in exchange for giving up their seats. That's pretty common, because airlines traditionally overbook seats due to the potential for last minute cancellations.

If overbooking explains the reason for their volunteer program, what I can't understand is why they have a need to ask passengers who have already been seated. That's is what d... [More]

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Soda Bottle Deposits Are Stupid!

Why do most states still require a 5 cent deposit on soda bottles... but no deposit on other bottles?

I'm not a soda drinker, but from time to time I drink some seltzer, and when I do, I'm stuck paying an extra five cents, just because it's carbonated. How stupid is that?

I simply don't see a point in adding an extra five cents for the "Bottle Deposit", just because it's considered a soda. I realize those laws were created at a time where sodas were the most popular drinks sold in stores, and they wanted to find a way to insure there would be fewer bottles tossed on the streets, and that there would be more recycling of used bottles.

A lot has changed since then. Recycling is now mandatory in just about every major community, which means just about every bottle made toda... [More]

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Bottled Water Rip-Off

Why is it so expensive to buy bottled water?

When I go into a deli for a sandwich, I'm blown away by the price of bottled water. In many cases, the price for (individual) bottled water is exactly the same as just about every other drink in the store. That's crazy.

When you buy water by the case, it's dirt cheap, but for some reason when you buy it by the bottle the price is off the charts. I paid $2.25 for a 16 ounce bottle of water at Subway recently. That's the same price they charge for most of the other drinks they sell, which contain far more expensive ingredients such as milk, sugar, juices, teas, etc.

To me, that's simply a rip-off.

One Volume To Control Them All

Having two independent volume settings is a pain in the neck.

I hate when a device like a mobile phone or cable box has it's own independent volume control, even when it's connected to another device, such as a speaker, headset, or car radio.

This causes all sorts of problems when the device playing audio has it's volume set too low when it's connected to the target device. For example, if the volume on your mobile phone is set too low, your connected devices such as your car stereo will sound way too low, or even distorted. Most of the time, people don't even realize why their connection sounds so bad unless they notice the volume level on their phone.

The solution is simple, whenever you're connected to HDMI or Bluetooth, the volume level on the source device should be... [More]

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Big Parking Spots for Trucks

The most popular vehicles in the world are pickup trucks, so why are parking spaces so small?

I drive a Ford F-150 Pickup Truck. It's been the biggest selling vehicle in the world for over 40 year straight. It outsells not only every truck, but every car, SUV, or minivan, yet with all those pickups out there, why is it so hard to find a parking lot with decent sized spots?

It's hard enough for people to squeeze into those little spots with small cars, let along full-sized pickups like the F-150, so you have to wonder why they don't at least make SOME larger spots.

I realize they are simply trying to jam as many cars into the lot as possible, but for what it's worth, they're losing business because sometimes people with trucks have no choice but to leave when they can't fi... [More]

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How Large is a Large Drink?

It's impossible knowing the real size of drinks in restaurants because they use different cup sizes.

When you order a small drink in a fast food restaurant, do you know how big it will be? If you ask for the same size in another restaurant, you'll probably get an entirely different size than you expected. That's because there aren't any standards for cup sizes in restaurants.

Meanwhile, a lot of people poke fun at Starbucks for having strange names like "Venti" for their drinks, but in reality, the Venti is probably one of the few cases where the name actually means something. Venti is Italian for "Twenty", so a Venti is a 20 ounce drink.

It would be so much easier if you could order your drink by size, in ounces, at any restaurant... instead of ambiguous names like Smal... [More]

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Hat Sticker Shock!

Why do so many people leave the stickers on their hats?

This has boggled my mind for years. Why the heck would anyone want to walk around with stickers on their hats? As far as I'm concerned, when I buy something, the first thing I do when I take it home is take off all the tags and stickers, but for some reason I see people everywhere with the stickers still on their hats. What's up with that?

It makes no sense at all. They pay for the hat. Take it home, and keep the stickers on it. To me, they look like Minnie Pearl.

I realize there are a lot of hats being sold in the streets with "unofficial" logos of major league teams, and company logos, so the manufacturers often use these holograms as a way to insure customers don't get fooled into buying lower quality hats, but... [More]

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The Sticky Sticker Problem

I hate when I take something home from the store, and I can't get the stickers off.

Why is it that some companies use heavy duty glue when they put stickers on their products? There are so many alternative adhesives out there that can securely hold a sticker in place, without leaving any permanent damage, so there's no reason to use anything else.

I don't have a problem with companies that use heavy duty adhesives on disposable product packages, but when they put them right on the product, it's a real pain in the neck to get them off.

Quiet That Phone... Quietly!

Why do some phones make a sound when you turn them on or off?

Have you noticed that a lot of mobile phones not only play music when you turn them on, but turn them off. This makes no sense at all, especially when the person is shutting it off specifically so they won't disturb people in a quiet room, such as a theater, library, restaurant, or church.

Thankfully, Apple doesn't do this, but there are quite a few phones out there that do it, and it puts people in an awkward position. If they forget to turn off their phone, and enter a quiet room, they have to decide between the guarantee of an awkward sound when they shut them off, or leaving them on and taking a chance that somebody might call.

That STUPID Windows Key!

File this under: "What were they thinking?".

When Microsoft introduced Windows 95 over 22 years ago, they also introduced their first major hardware idea... the Windows Key, and I've hated that stupid key from the first time I saw it.

Windows 95 was radically different from all the Windows versions before it because it introduced the concept of the "Start Menu" as a way of finding and running programs. It was a big deal for Microsoft. They had a huge campaign to drive attention to the "Start Button" on the bottom of the screen, even going far enough to use "Start Me Up" from The Rolling Stones in commercials to draw attention to the new way to run programs.

The make the Start Menu even easier to find, Microsoft went one step too far, when they introduced a new key on the... [More]

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Why Do Political Arguments End Like This?

It seems like whenever people talk politics, sooner or later one of them does this...

If you've been following my blog and my YouTube Channel, you probably know that I rarely talk about politics, but this is something I have to get off my chest. I've noticed that whenever people talk about politics, as things get heated, sooner or later, one side or the other will bring up the "Other" N-Word, the Nazis.

I can't understand why this is so common. It doesn't matter which side of the political spectrum you identify with, Progressive or Conservative, Democrat or Republican, sooner or later one of the sides will try to equate the other side's position as doing "exactly what the Nazis did". You see it all the time on CNN, Fox News, Facebook, and Twitter. They could be debating he... [More]

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Shut Up and Sing (Updated)

There's a time and place for politics... and its NOT at a concert.

I hate when celebrities preach politics to their audience, so I posted a video about it a while back. This video expands on what I said earlier to clarify my position.

In a nutshell, my main point is that celebrities shouldn't use their fame to promote their political agenda to their audience. That said, I also want to make it clear that I am not suggesting that they shouldn't speak their minds. This is a free country. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting on their soapbox and talking about politics. My point is there is a time and place for political talk, and it's it is out of place at a show.

When somebody goes to a show expecting to be entertained, they shouldn't get a lecture about politic... [More]

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The HIDDEN Cost of Loyalty Tags

Toll tags like E-ZPass are great, but there's a hidden agenda.

Toll tags are being used like poker chips in a casino, they keep you from thinking of them as money, which is why politicians love them so much. It makes it easier for you to forget how much you pay each time you go through a toll.

People in casinos bet more when they use poker chips than they would if they had to take cash out of their pockets for each bet. That's the magic of tokenizing money. We don't think of it the same as we would with cash. Credit cards have the same effect on people, which is why stores love them.
How does this relate to toll tags like E-ZPass?

Ever since the introduction of toll collection systems, customers are less and less aware of increasing prices of tolls. Making matters worse,... [More]

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Hey Car Makers... Shut the Lights!

Who's fault is it when your battery dies because you left a light on?

Most cars sound an alarm when you leave your headlights on by mistake, because it could drain your battery, but for some reason, there is no alarm when you leave an interior light on. Why is that?

This little oversight is responsible for countless dead batteries over the years, but the solution is pretty simple.

The easiest solution is to use electronic switches that automatically turn off 5 minutes after you turn them on, so they don't stay on all night. This eliminates the problem entirely because every light, including both interior and exterior lights will shut off long before draining the battery.

A second solution is to simply treat the interior lights the same as headlights, so that if you lea... [More]

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Does our government REALLY represent us?

When the Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution of the United States, they wanted to create a truly unique government that was made up of everyday common people. A government OF the people, FOR the people, and BY the people of the United States.

What we ended up with is a government of career politicians, ex-military, and wealthy business executives, who simply can't relate to the everyday routines of the common citizen.

What we need is at least one cabinet position specifically for an outsider who has never served public office, and who has never run a major company. Basically, what we need is "Joe The Plumber" in the White House.

To be clear, I'm not talking about the famous "Joe The Plumber" who made headlines in the 2008 p... [More]

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Why doesn't Facebook give websites a simple way to link to their website?

It drives me crazy that Facebook doesn't give people a simple way to link directly to their website from their Facebook Page.

Although Facebook gives you a way to enter your website, it's not shown directly on the front of your page. To get to your website, the visitor has to go to the "About" link on the left.

Meanwhile, they give Page Owners an option to create a button on the Page, but it doesn't even have a simple "Visit Website" as an option. Instead it has things like "Download App", "Contact Us", "Book Our Services", etc. Those options may be great for sites that sell products or services, but it does nothing for sites like mine, that are simply blogs or news websites.

Newspaper Legal Notices?

Why do newspapers still run legal notices?

Last time I checked, we're still in the 21st century, but for some reason just about every newspaper in the country still has a section for Legal Notices. Why the heck don't they just use the Internet for things like that?

Before the Internet, newspapers were an effective way to make legal notices available to anyone who was interested, but there's absolutely no reason for them to continue to be printed today. Just about everyone today has access to the Internet, so it's about time we change local laws that require public notice, so they no longer require newspaper ads.

I think the only reason this hasn't already happened is because newspapers get paid for running the ads. That's pretty stupid

What BUGS Me About... Cable TV

Why are there NO standards for channel numbers on Cable TV?

Before cable TV came along, channels were know primarily by their number. There weren't many channels, so it was pretty simple, and as a rule of thumb although station ownership changed from time to time, but it didn't matter. Channel 5 was still Channel 5 to us.

As cable TV grew, things got a lot more complicated. There are literally thousands of channels right now, and it's nearly impossible to find a specific network, unless you've memorized the number. Making matters worse, every cable or satellite provider uses their own numbering system, making it nearly impossible to even produce a viable TV guide that can tell you what's on each channel.

I rarely watch TV, but as it stands now, I have no idea where to f... [More]

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Facebook Newsfeed Freedom

Some people like the new Facebook Newsfeed. Some people don't. Why not let people choose which one to use?

If you've been on Facebook for a while, you probably remember the big switch from the original Chronologic Newsfeed to the current Algorithmic Newsfeed. It was a pretty big deal and there were millions of people who complained about it at the time.

I've talked about the Facebook Newsfeed in the past, and I know Facebook is not likely to change back to the old version any time soon, but I think they should at least give people the freedom to use the Chronological Newsfeed if they'd like to

If nothing else, they should give you a quick toggle to turn it on and off whenever you want a quick scan of some of the items from friends and family that were potentially left out... [More]

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The Trouble With Facebook's Newsfeed

Here's what I HATE about Facebook's Newsfeed, and how they can make it better.

When Facebook first launched, items were listed in your Newsfeed in chronological order. It was a pretty simple system. Posts were displayed in reverse order, with the newest items on the top, and the oldest at the bottom. All you had to do was scroll down to read everything your friends, family and liked pages posted until you eventually reached the prior day's news. That's how you knew your were done.

As the volume of posts started to increase, Facebook changed the Newsfeed to an algorithm so that it only shows posts that Facebook's algorithm feels you're interested in. It bases this on your history of Likes, Comments, and Shares. So, the more you Like, Comment, and Share a cat video, the mo... [More]

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Do you know WHY most public restrooms STINK?

The simple answer is that people are filthy slobs, the actual answer is actually pretty simple. Even somebody who's NOT a slob can make a mess once in a while, and when they do, they have no way to clean up after themselves.

Think about it. When you use your bathroom at home, and you have a bit of an accident, you can reach under your sink and clean it up within seconds, but when you do the same thing in a public restroom, the only thing you have is toilet paper, and sometimes that's not enough.

By contrast, on a recent visit to a Home Depot in Staten Island, I saw something truly inspirational in the restroom, a can of Lysol and a package of Clorox Sanitizing Wipes. The fact that they put a few simple cleaning products in the... [More]

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Slot Machines Should Show The Odds

Why don't casinos show you the odds on each slot machine?

There are thousands of slot machines in a typical casino. Some have big jackpots, and very few winners, while others have smaller prizes, but a lot more winners. The trouble is, it's not completely clear which is which.

Casinos attract people to their machines by using eye catching graphics and animations, which takes the players focus off of what they really should be looking for, a machine that has the kind of odds they're willing to play.

Not everyone is looking for a giant jackpot. Some people are only looking for fun day out with the chance to earn enough money to cover their dinner, but they get distracted by all the glitz and end up playing machines that rarely pay anything.

The odds should be clearly d... [More]

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Word Rant - Is That Made Of Material?

It drives me crazy when people use the word "Material" the wrong way.

I know I may sound a bit fussy, but as a scientific minded person, who happened to do some projects in the garment industry, I can't understand why so many people use the word "Material" almost exclusively to describe...FABRIC.

Let's get to the point. Things like your clothing, bedsheets, and curtains are made of fabric, NOT material. Okay, technically, they're made of material, but so is your desk, the walls, the floor, rubber ducks, and just about everything else, so to say something is made of material is simply the wrong term.

I'm not alone. There's an entire industry devoted to Materials Science that cringe when people get the terms mixed up.

The origin on the word is pretty simple. Anythi... [More]

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I HATE Captchas!

Don't you hate when websites use Captchas?

One of my favorite quotes from the original Star Wars is from Ben Kenobi who said "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.". He was talking about the Mos Eisley Spaceport, but you can say the same thing about the Internet. There has never been a place with more con artists, scammers and thieves on the face of the earth.

In an effort to slow down the millions of people who try to abuse the Internet, a lot of sites need to create roadblocks that make it harder for a scammer to access their sites. Unfortunately, this led to the creation of "Captchas", the distorted text you see whenever a site needs to confirm that you are actually a real person sitting at your computer.

For what it's worth, I have a hard eno... [More]

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Fixed Price, Haggle Free Car Prices

Don't you HATE negotiating for the best possible car price?

I recently did some price shopping for a new F-150 Pickup using TrueCar, a car shopping website that shows you what typical buyers are paying for the same car and it showed me that there was a range of over $9000 in prices on some models. This means that some buyers paid over $9000 more for the exact same F-150 as other buyers who weren't aggressive negotiators.

Buying a car shouldn't be a test of your negotiating skills. The fact that one buyer can pay that much more for the same car, simply because they didn't know they could get a better deal is completely unfair.

The same is true for a lot of other products, like appliances, but it's particularly bad for car buyers because the prices are much higher and peopl... [More]

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Sweatpants With Belt Loops

I'm not a big fan of sweatpants, mainly because of the string.

I'm one of those guys who always wears a belt because there's a certain comfort in knowing that my pants are securely where I want them, above my waist, where they belong. To me, one of the dumbest looking things is to see a man with his pants sliding down so much that the crack of his ass is showing.

That's why I rarely wear sweatpants. I simply hate the idea of running around wearing something that's held up by a piece of string. To me, the lack of a belt not only brings on the risk of your pants sliding down, but it makes me feel like I'm in my pajamas, not a real pair of pants.

Another reason I'd like to see sweatpants with a belt loop is because I wear my cell phone on a belt holster, so a lack of a belt... [More]

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I Always Rick Roll Telemarketers

I used to spend a lot of time reporting telemarketers to the FCC. Now I just Rick Roll them.

I've always hated telemarketers, and it seems that in spite of the "Do Not Call" list, there are even more telemarketers than ever, and most of them are complete frauds.

The main reason for the increase in calls is the widespread use of VOIP / Internet calling, which means that you can now call anywhere in the world for free, and that also means that overseas telemarketers don't have to answer to the FCC. Once I realized reporting callers to the FCC wasn't getting anywhere, I decided to at least have some fun and that's when I decided to Rick Roll just about every telemarketer that calls me.

To make it as easy as possible, I keep Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up in a voice re... [More]

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Don't you hate going into a public restroom and they don't have a paper towel dispenser?

I don't know about you, but I simply don't like using electric blowers to dry my hands. Although you can debate whether they are better for the environment, there's no debate about how effective they are. Simply stated, paper towels do a better job of their primary purpose... drying your hands.

In spite of all the newest innovations in dryer technology over the years, such as stronger heat and air pressure, I can't remember a single time that I've left a restroom that uses a dryer with my hands being actually dry. I've tried being more patient, and giving myself a bit more time to do it's job, and I make sure I shake my hands and rub them a bunch of times as they suggest, but no matter... [More]

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I hate when a Men's Room doesn't have dividers between the urinals.

I get it. Men's room urinals are meant to be more efficient. They're faster, use less water, and take up less space than a regular stall, but that doesn't mean they need to be on top of eachother. There should always be at least a small divider between each urinal. It's not hard to install, and it doesn't take up more than an inch of wall space.

Dividers not only give you a bit more privacy, but they protect you from any disgusting piss spraying from the guy next to you... especially from "The Shake".

You know what I'm talking about. That wonderful ritual where men make sure they get every drop so they don't make little pee spots on their pants. A good shake can probably go three feet in any dire... [More]

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If you ask for a cup of water in a fast food restaurant, you'd better not be thirsty.

More often than not I drink water with my meals, so it drives me crazy that fast food restaurants never give you a decent cup of water. Why can't they simply give you water in the same sized cups as they do soda?

If you ask me, it should be the other way around. Soda isn't very healthful, so it should come in tiny cups.

War Is (Supposed to Be) HELL

War! What is it good for?

Absolutely... somthing. It's supposed to be a way to break the will of your enemies and (hopefully) bring peace.

I know I'm likely going to get a lot of negative comments on this, but I want to make it clear that I am NOT suggesting that we start or encourage wars, but when war is brought to us, we need to be able to bring our fists and end the fight with no holds barred.

Right now, most of the civilized world follows The Geneva Conventions, which sets limits on how countries engage in wars. It sets clear guidelines about what is allowed, and what is not, so that civilians and non-military targets are preserved.

It's a wonderful concept on paper, but when your enemy does not follow these rules, it gives them an edge because they can take adv

... [More]

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Why We Need Two Kinds of Car Horns

Car horns are supposed to be for emergencies.

Filling under sink soap dispensers is a real pain in the ass.

It's great having a soap dispenser under your sink, but it's completely frustrating trying to fill the darn thing without it overflowing all over the place. I have two ideas to fix this problem.

First, the easiest solution is to have a pre-measured bottle that has just the right amount of soap, so instead of randomly pouring soap from a giant bottle, you could pour it from the smaller bottle and know for sure that it's not too much.

The second method is a simple valve that you can insert into the fill hole, that automatically shuts when its full. This is a bit like the valves inside gas pumps that prevent the pump from overfilling your car's gas tank.

I LOVE people with OCD, so next week, I'm going to start becoming Obsessive Compulsive.

Think about how cool it would be if I were obsessive compulsive. Each day would be full of all sorts of cool rituals like when to eat, drink, sleep, shower, and even when to use the toilet. That would be awesome!

I've been thinking about this plan for a long time, so I want to make sure I do it right, so I'm going to start off by doing some simple rituals like deciding where I'll put my iPhone each night, being sure I keep the same 45 degree angle from the lamp. I may need a protractor for the first few days until I get the position just right.

From there, I'll move on to a few more advanced rituals, like picking a day each week to sharpen my pencils. This is a pretty important ritua... [More]

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Rental Cars Should Have Toll Tags Too

Why is it that car rentals don't have toll tags?

The worst thing about renting a car is that it forces you to wait in lines at toll booths, because the rental cars don't have a toll like like E-ZPass. That's a real pain in the neck.

Most toll tag accounts have real-time access to toll activity records, so it would be very easy for a rental company to track your toll activity and simply add it to the bill.

Instead of adjusting our clocks... Why not adjust our SCHEDULES?

I've talked about Daylight Savings Time a few times on the blog, mainly because it boggles my mind that it even exists. The premise that the entire world changes every single clock and watch twice a year is simply insane.

One of my readers posted a very simple solution. Let time be time... and let people decide if they want to adjust their own schedules every season. Instead of working 9-5 all year, then adjusting the clock in the spring and fall, why not decide to work from 8-4 in the spring?

Isn't that a lot simpler?

Beware of HIDDEN $6 ATM Fees

Did you know most banks charge an ADDITIONAL $3 fee to use an ATM?

Although ATMs are required to disclose their fees before you agree to use them, most people aren't aware that their own bank will charge them too, and they won't know about that fee until they take the time to read it on their statement. In most cases, that's an additional $3, and you may not even notice the second fee until weeks later.

I realized this the hard way, when I just happened to notice the $3 fee on my statement. At first, I assumed it was the $3 fee I agreed to when I used the ATM, but then I realized that the $3 ATM fee was already included in the transaction.

So, my original $20 withdrawal read $23, then there was a separate $3 ATM Fee... for a grand total of $6, for just a $20 withdrawal,

... [More]

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Spring ahead. Fall back. Can't anyone just make up their minds?

If you were to try to explain the concept of Daylight Savings Time to somebody who never heard of it, chances are they'd think you were nuts. Twice a year, just about every clock in the world needs to be either moved forward an hour... or moved back. Think about how hard it had to be for the people who invented the idea to get almost every country in the world to agree to tell their entire population that they will be adjusting time itself, twice a year. It's mind blowing.

Don't get me wrong. I love the idea of moving the clock ahead a bit so that you get a bit more time in the sun in summer. This also means that when the fall comes, we fall back to where we started, and we lose a ton of sunshine, just as t... [More]

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Apple's Greed is Ruining Apple TV

Apple TV would be so much better if Apple wasn't so greedy.

When Apple introduced the latest generation Apple TV, I was pretty excited because they said it would have an App Store, just like iOS and OS X. To me that was a huge breakthrough because unlike the previous generation, it means that it can finally run third party Apps. The only problem is that most of the Apps are pretty lame.

This was a big letdown because I assumed it would only be a matter of time before my favorite video services like Amazon Instant Video and Vudu were finally available on my Apple TV. Even after al this time, neither company have Apps, and there's no indication they will be appearing any time soon.

I also hoped to see shopping Apps from companies like Amazon. eBay, and Walmart. Once again... [More]

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Detergent Pods Shouldn't Look Like Candy

Why the heck are laundry and dish washer detergent pods so colorful?

On the surface, detergent pods seem like a brilliant idea. You just pop them into your washing machine or dishwasher. There's no more measuring messy powders or liquids, what could be wrong with that? I don't actually have a problem with the concept. It's the execution that's completely messed up, and it's not the fault of the inventors.

The problem comes from the marketing departments of these companies. Instead of being satisfied that people will want to use them simply because of the convenience alone, they decided to make the pods more appealing by adding colorful dyes and flowing swirls that resemble... CANDY.

When a child bites down on a detergent pod, they literally explode into their mouth caus... [More]

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"None of the Above" Candidates

One of the most common reason why people don't vote in an election is that they don't like any of the candidates.

One solution is to have a "None Of the Above" option. This means that in addition to the list of candidates, one additional choice is given for "None Of The Above".

The "None of the Above" choice would be voted for just like every other candidate, except if that candidate wins, all of the current candidates are disqualified, and the election starts off with a clean slate of new candidates. I have a strong feeling that if this option existed, the voter turnout would reach record levels and the quality of the candidates would improve.

Am I the only one who felt bad for Chewbacca when he didn't get a medal after they blew up the Death Star?

We all know the scene. After saving Princess Leia and destroying the Death Star, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo get a heroes welcome as they are presented with shiny gold medals, while everyone, including Chewbacca looks on.

It makes you wonder if there's some form of racism against Wookies?

Think about it. Chewbacca was Han Solo's Co-Pilot, best friend, and his business partner, and he played just as big a part in saving Princess Leia and destroying the Death Star as Han and Luke. Just like his human companions, he fought off Stormtroopers, shot Tie Fighters, and help pilot the Millennium Falcon as it raced to help Luke destroy the Death Star.

Although he didn... [More]

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Whatever Happened to Oldies Radio Stations?

Have you noticed that most oldies stations rarely play music before the 80's?

Don't get me wrong. I realize the 80's were over 30 years ago, so it makes sense that oldies stations play music from the 80's. The trouble is, today's oldies stations neglect almost everything older than that, and that's a shame.

I guess it's all about dollars and cents. There's probably a bigger audience and more money for stations that play music from the 80's and 90's than from traditional "Oldies" stations that also play music from the 50's, 60's and 70's.

What bothers me most about this is that other than Internet and Satellite Radio, it's almost impossible to find a station that plays oldies.

Can you imagine that? In New York City, the largest radio market in the word, there isn't

... [More]

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Sometimes, I don't vote.

Most of us have been told since grade school that the most patriotic thing you can do for your country is vote. So, I made it a point to vote at every election. It didn't matter if it was a national or local election. I felt it was my civic duty to vote, so, I voted.

Until recently, I'd walk into the voting booth without even knowing who's on the ballot. I'd pull the levers for familiar sounding names, names I may remember seeing on a lawn sign or on a flyer sent in the mail.

When in doubt, I'd pick whatever names were in my party, without knowing the first thing about who they were, or what they stood for.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever cast a vote for somebody without knowing anything about them?

To be honest, voting without kn... [More]

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Isn't it strange that some cities ban cars from parking on alternate days every week, just so they can clean the streets, yet other cities have no such rules, yet they manage to have cleaner streets?

In a city where parking is hard enough to find, is it really necessary to ban cars from parking twice a week, just so they can clean the streets? I've got news for you. Some of those cities not only manage to have clean streets, but some are actually cleaner than New York's streets.

Some of you are shaking your heads in disbelief, and asking... "How on earth can those cities possibly have clean streets when they don't force cars to scramble around and double park twice a week so that the street sweepers can clean them?"

Instead of the city sweeping the streets, the buildi

... [More]

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Have you ever noticed that the media only applies labels when they're quoting a conservative?

I find it interesting that whenever somebody quotes a Republican or Conservative they always preface it with a "Conservative" label. It's almost as if they're putting out a disclaimer say "attention people... this is coming from a wacko conservative".

For example, if Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh say something, the news will always say something like "Conservative Host Sean Hannity said XYZ", instead of simply saying "Sean Hannity said XYZ".

It wouldn't bother me if there wasn't a double standard. The label itself is accurate, but they never use labels for Democrats and Liberals in the media. You never hear anyone say "Liberal Host Bill Maher said XYZ", or 99% of the mainstream... [More]

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What's the point of showing movie credits if you can't read them?

We get it. Networks don't expect anyone to have the patience to sit through 8 minutes of boring credits, so they will do anything they can to avoid showing them, and moving on to the next program. The most common technique is to shrink the credits to a tiny box on the bottom of the screen and play them at 90 miles per hour.

At that size and speed, there is absolutely no chance anyone can read them.

Personally, I think they should show the all the original credits, just as they were when they were originally created. Not only does this give each of the people who worked on the movie or show the credit they deserve, but it also gives the audience a chance to take a break, and even enjoy the music.

The mai... [More]

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There's only one reason Apple doesn't include a web browser in Apple TV... MONEY!

As a followup to a previous post, Apple TV Needs a Web Browser, there's actually a reason Apple doesn't include it, and it has nothing at all to do with the hardware or software. It's just plain greed.

Doesn't it drive you nuts when you've got to carry a large box, and it doesn't have some kind of handles?

Every time I have to carry a large box, the first thing I look for is a handle, or at the very least, a strategically placed cutout on the side that serves as a handle. When none can be found, all I can think of is how inconsiderate the company that makes the product and the box are about the people who actually have to carry it.

It's not that it costs them anything to make a simple slit on the side to make a cutout handle. There's simply no excuse.

I hate seeing local governments taking advantage of people.

This one really got under my skin. The Garden State Parkway in NJ has toll plazas that only accept 50 cents in exact change... or E-ZPass. If you don't have EZPass, or exact change... you end up with a $55 fine. That's just plain wrong.

What bugs me most is that there is no warning. The moment you reach the toll plaza, you are given a choice of 2 types of lanes, an exact change lane with a bin that only accepts coins, or lanes that only accept E-ZPass.

Once you reach the toll plaza, you are forced to make a decision. You can continue through the toll plaza and get a violation in the mail for $55, or you can risk getting a moving violation by trying to back out of the ramp or make an illegal U-Turn.

Unf... [More]

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Don't Pee On Toilet Seats


It's not rocket science, so why do some idiots still do it?

For what it's worth, there's no reason for me to post this "Idea". It should be self-explanatory. Nobody likes to sit on a toilet seat full of piss, but somehow there are still people out there that just don't get it.

We see it all the time. We walk into a public restroom, enter the stall and there it is, a disgusting mess. For the life of me I can't imagine the kind of jerk that would leave a mess like that behind. You'd think that anyone with half a brain would figure out that if you simply lift the seat up with your foot before you pee, you'd have a nice big target... and show courtesy to the next visitor.

I see this so often it's pathetic, and most of the time it's in office buildings where you assume eve... [More]

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Gas Prices Rounded To The Nearest Penny


9/10th of a penny is just plain stupid!

Why do gas prices still have an extra 9/10 cent in small letters at the pump?

Last time I filled up, I paid $1.639 per gallon. For all intents and purposes, I paid $1.64, so what's the point of hiding it? Most tanks today only hold around 20 gallons or less, so the net price of a typical fill-up would only be impacted by an extra 20 tenths of a cent, 2 cents

In a time where there's a debate over getting rid of pennies, it's it time they stop pricing gas with fractions of a penny?

I could understand using fractions of a cent if the last digit wasn't always a 9, but a changing number based on some market variables, but it's always a 9 and it's only purpose is to make people think the gas is a penny cheaper than in actually is.... [More]

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Normal Sizes at Costco


Sometimes bigger isn't better.

We get it. Costco has great prices on items because they come in big packages. Does that mean every product in the store has to come in packages so large you can barely carry them?

For what it's worth, there's a lot of items in Costco that I'd love to buy, but I know for sure that either I don't have the space for the oversized packages, or I don't buy because I know more than half of it will spoil before I run out.

The savings you get in larger sizes is often lost when you end up throwing half of it out because it eventually spoils.

The bottom line is that some things are fine in larger sizes, but some things should still come in regular sizes, especially if they're too large to carry or have a short expiration date.

[media]679[/... [More]

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No Carpets in Restaurants


Carpets don't belong in restaurants.

The other day I went to a fast food restaurant that had carpets in the main dining area. To be honest, I didn't even notice it at first. I just sat down and started eating, until I started to notice an odd smell. I eventually realized the smell was coming from the carpet. It was not only smelling up the whole place, but it felt a bit sticky, like an old movie theater.

That's when I started to imagine how often food and drinks fall on the floor and soak into the carpet. Night after night, customers drop a little soda here and there, a few french fries, a pickle, maybe even a few dairy products. Then I picture the staff vacuuming the surface, and having it shampooed from time to time.

By contrast, restaurants with hard floors end ea

... [More]

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iTunes Purchases Should Be Downloadable Forever.


What good is a digital purchase if you can't find it?

If you've been using iTunes for a while, there's a good chance that some of your earlier purchases are no longer available in the iTunes store. Whenever those items are removed from the store, they also vanish from your online library, which means that unless you make copies of the original files, there's no way to download them again. How dumb is that?

So, many of your old music, movies, books, apps, and audiobooks may be missing right now, and you won't even notice until you look for them.

I first discovered this after I purchased a bunch of Audible audiobooks from iTunes.

Since audiobooks tend to be pretty big files, I would periodically delete them from my local computer, under the assumption that I could re

... [More]

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Take The Stickers Off Your Hat.


For some reason, there are a bunch of people walking around with price tags and other stickers on their hats.

For whatever reason, I see more and more people following this trend. It's as if they all are trying to show off their new hats. I've got news for you. Most of us don't care how new your hat is, with or without the sticker. The sticker only makes you look like a mindless robot who follows every Tom, Dick, and Harry without noticing that Tom, Dick, and Harry look like idiots.

It doesn't matter how many people I see doing it, I'll never do it. It's just plain stupid. If keeping stickers on your hat is trendy, then I guess I'm just one of those guys that likes to be different. Trendy is one thing, but when something stupid becomes trendy, I'm glad I'm just a regula... [More]

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Big Companies Should Stop Making Junk.


General Electric makes life saving, multi-million dollar medical equipment. They also make $50 digital cameras.

Brand names are not what they used to be. I can remember when you could walk into a store and make a decision based on just the reputation of the brands. It didn't matter what you were buying. If you saw something made by Sony, chances are it was high quality.

Big companies no longer take pride in their brand name. Instead of being known as a company that makes the best products in a small number of categories, they manufacture thousands of products in every price range and category.

If you search for Sony products on Amazon, you get everything from a $8 pair of headphones, to a $10,000 TV. The same is true of Samsung, and GE. You get a mixture of truly high... [More]

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Like many fans of the original TV show, I HATE the Tom Cruise movies.

Full disclosure. I've only seen one of the new Mission: Impossible movies. That's the point.

As somebody who grew up watching the original Mission: Impossible TV series, I was thrilled when I heard about the 1996 movie version staring Tom Cruise. As I watched the movie, my enthusiasm for the movie turned to hate. True hate. It was sickening.

Unlike most movie adaptations, Tom Cruise decided it would be a good idea to have none of the original characters, and make the original hero of the show into the villain. What a jackass.

Fans of the original TV show remember Peter Graves as Jim Phelps, the leader of an elite team of covert government agents who take on all sorts of bad guys. In every e... [More]

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What Happened To Siri Confirmations?


After a recent iOS update, Siri stopped offering confirmations before it saves reminders... Now it sucks.

Like most people, I have a love / hate relationship with Siri. I tolerate all the times that Siri misunderstands what I ask for because it at least gave me a chance to confirm what I asked for before it saved my reminders.

Confirmations of reminders are essential to people who use headsets to create reminders because you can't see the screen to make corrections if the dictation is wrong, which it frequently is.

Before the change, I said something like: "Remind me to get chips", and Siri said "Here's your reminder... it says Ketchup. Shall I create it?" If Siri was wrong, I said "Cancel" or "Change title" and I could fix it.

Now that Apple removed the confirmation... [More]

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TV Remote Controls Suck


Why are TV remotes so bad?

Technology today moves at an incredible pace, but somehow TV remotes are just as bad as they were over 30 years ago. In fact, I'd say they are worse.

Where do I start?

1. Most of them still use Infra-Red, which means they only work when you point them directly at the TV or cable box. Depending on where the sensor is, you often have to hold it in awkward positions. A modern remote should use BlueTooth or WiFi.

2. There are WAY too many buttons. I don't know about you, but that means I hit the wrong one way too often. Take a lesson from Apple. With an iPod, you can pick a song from a list of thousands with just a dial or wheel, so why not consider an alternate to all those buttons.

3. Up and down buttons for channels was pretty cool, whe... [More]

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I hate the fact that I know the name of the guy who killed John Lennon.

Like a lot of people, I cried when I heard that somebody killed John Lennon. Within 24 hours, the name of the killer was plastered all over every single media outlet. Before he shot John Lennon, he was virtually unknown. The next day, his name was nearly as famous as the man he killed. That's just plain wrong.

History books are full of the names of people who are famous just because of their crimes, including the guy who shot Ronald Reagan specifically because he wanted to be famous. That's sick. He got what he wanted.

Then there's Waco, Columbine, and countless terrorist groups who would remain nameless if the media didn't give them attention. I cold go on and on, but the key point here that th... [More]

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Predictive Overdraft Alerts


Most banks can send you an alert when you have an overdraft, but they don't send you an alert BEFORE you have an overdraft.

Before online banking came along, it was pretty easy to maintain a traditional checkbook, and prevent overdrafts. As long as you recorded every deposit, and withdrawal, you knew exactly how much was in the account at any given time, so it was easy making sure you never bounced a check.

Today, more people pay their bills through automatic bill payments than ever before, so balancing your checkbook is a lot harder. Even when you write down every deposit or withdrawal, your balance can be a moving target as your scheduled automatic payments hit the account, so you need to constantly check the account to see what payments were posted.

Since some payments... [More]

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Splicing wires while holding a heavy ceiling fixture is a pain in the neck.

It's always bothered me that whenever I need to mount a fixture, I've got to hold the fixture in one hand, while I try to splice and cap the wires with the other.

Every time I've needed to do it, I open the box hoping to find some kind of quick connector inside, so I don't have to figure out how to splice the wires with one hand. The problem is bad enough for a small ceiling light, but it's even worse for mounting larger ones, or even ceiling fans. Unless you've got somebody else around to hold up the fixture, it's nearly impossible to splice the wires.

Wouldn't it be easier if you simply mounted a quick connector on both sides, then just plugged it in?

I realize the reason they don't us... [More]

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Hooks in Every Public Bathroom Stall


I hate when I go into a public bathroom, and they don't have a hook on the back of the door for my coat.

Doesn't this drive you nuts too?

To me, this seems like something obvious, but somehow I've seen that a large percentage of public bathroom stalls don't have hooks on the back of the door. Where do they expect us to put our coat when we're using the toilet? Unless you've got a friend outside who can hold your coat, the best you can do is try slinging half of it over the top... and that's just plain stupid.

For men, this is usually just a seasonal problem, because we only have a coat in the winter, but there are times in the summer when we have something else in our hands like a shopping bag, and our only choice is putting whatever it is on the floor. Now, isn't that s... [More]

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Urinals Should Always Have Partitions


Isn't this obvious?

I can't think of one good reason for a Men's Room to have urinals without partitions, yet I see it all the time. All I can think of is that the people who installed the urinals are trying to save a few dollars, because there simply is no other justification for not having them.

Partitions are simply a small wall between urinals, so they don't take any additional space. Since there's still no door, they don't get in the way or slow you down. The bottom line is there is no reason to leave them out.

Here are a few simple reasons why every Men's Room should have them.

1. Privacy. This one is fairly obvious. When I'm washing my hands, I don't want to get a front row seat to men holding their junk.

2. Spacing. When com... [More]

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All Cars Should Have Garbage Holders


If so many people eat in the car, why don't you see more cars with garbage holders?

I remember back in the late 70s, you rarely saw cup holders in cars, but there were quite a few with garbage bins. We had two bins in a 1977 Cadillac, and they came in pretty handy when you had wrappers and other debris to get rid of.

As time went by, you started to see cup holders, but somehow garbage bins vanished, along with a few other handy things like window vents. I miss those too.

Once in a while you'll see a mini-van with garbage containers, but you rarely see them in cars. Anyone who's seen the mess kids make in mini-vans can understand why some mini-vans have garbage holders, but I think they're just as important in regular cars too.

When you buy something large, that comes... [More]

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Price Stickers... Stick... Too Much.


Doesn't it stink when you're stuck with a price sticker that won't unstick?

I don't know why some companies use price stickers and other labels that refuse to come off. Post-It glue has been around for decades, and there have always been glues that were designed specifically to come off with minimal effort, so why on earth would anyone intentionally put a sticker that's hard to remove on an item that the consumer clearly needs to remove as soon as they get home?

I realize that for some items, the sticker often has a barcode that they don't want to fall off, but there are plenty of adhesives that will stay in place, yet still come off with minimal effort.

I will even acknowledge that in some cases they are worried that a shoplifter might pull off the sticker and swap it wit... [More]

Continue...Price Stickers... Stick... Too Much....

Music Shuffle, Should Actually... Shuffle.


Didn't I just hear that song 20 minutes ago?

Call it a case of Deja-Vu, but have you ever noticed that your music player seems to play some songs over and over, but other songs never seem to be played at all. How can that be? Most of the time, it's because Shuffle isn't really a Shuffle. It's Random.

Contrary to what some people think, Shuffle and Random are two different terms, so let's be clear about the definitions of Shuffle, and Random.

When you take a deck of 52 cards and Shuffle them, you change the order. When you're done, you still have 52 cards, but the sequence changes. If you deal them out from the top to the bottom, you won't repeat any cards.

Random, on the other hand simply describes taking something in no particular order. To use the playing card an... [More]

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Big Stores Need More (Working) Price Checkers


How much is that Grumpy Cat Snuggie? After 20 minutes looking for a price checker, I still don't know.

Sound familiar? If you've shopped in a Walmart lately, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Here's the scenario.

You walk into the store and find something you are interested in. Like many items, It doesn't have a price on it.

Even if you eventually find a price written on the shelf, you have no idea if it's on sale, so you look for the "nearest" price checker. The trouble is, the store is the size of several football fields, yet it only has 4 price checkers and you can't find them. You finally find a sign on a pole that says "check price here", expecting to find the elusive price checker and it's broken.

So, you keep walking around, looking for another one.... [More]

Continue...Big Stores Need More (Working) Price Checkers...

You're at a wedding, and you just realized you forgot to turn off your cell phone. Don't bother, it'll make even more noise turning it off.

File this under "Stupid", "Pointless" and "Huh?"

I can't understand why some phone manufacturers insist on playing a sound whenever you turn them on or off, especially off.

Yes, Motorola, your Android phones are nifty. Does it have to say "D-R-O-I-D" every time you hit the power button?

It's pretty simple. Most people keep their cell phones on 24/7, but there are rare times when you've got to turn them off, because you don't want to distract people when it rings. In fact, that's the only time people turn them off.

Since the ONLY time people use the power button is in places and times when we don't want the distraction of... [More]

Continue...Cell Phones Shouldn't Make Sounds When You Turn Them OFF....

Do you remember when people put plastic on their sofas so they would last longer? How dumb was that?

Seems like a simple idea. You put the plastic on your expensive new sofa, then you didn't have to worry about spilling anything on it. To me, it was like the Emperor's New Clothes. Nobody wanted to admit that although it protected your prized possession from stains, they looked ridiculous and were completely uncomfortable.

If you think about it. Plastic covered sofas were so ugly and uncomfortable we now look back at them and wonder why anyone would want to sacrifice beauty and comfort every single day for years, just so they could extend the life of that ugly, uncomfortable sofa for a little longer. A little longer? In other words... You're stuck with sitting on that ug... [More]

Continue...Don't Drive Around With Bumper Guards. They look Bad....

Client: I can't figure out how to turn on Remote Desktop? Me: That's because your version doesn't have it.

I can't tell you how many people ask me questions like that. Once again today's idea of the day is about something that bugs me.

Starting with Windows XP, Microsoft decided to release more than one version of Windows at different price points, with certain key features removed at the lower prices. This bone headed idea started with the idea that corporate users had different needs than home users, so they should have a different version. Sounds reasonable, but then again... it still sounds bone headed to me.

Here's why.

They took that simple premise and totally confused consumers. Over the years they cranked out confusing names like versions called Media Editi... [More]

Continue...Microsoft Should Release Just One Version of Windows...

Remember when TVs and monitors had lots of buttons and dials to adjust things like volume, brightness, and tint? Now, they don't even label the buttons, because they use the same buttons for everything.

Back in the days before remote control, TVs needed lots of buttons and dials. As remotes became popular, they eventually stopped putting those adjustments on the TV, so they started scaling back the buttons and dials on the TV, after all, you never get off your sofa to change the channel or adjust the volume.

For the rare case where you can't find the remote to adjust those settings, or select another input (HDMI, Component, etc), they put a few unlabeled buttons on the side, along with a series of on-screen menus that are nearly impossible to navigate. For what it's worth,... [More]

Continue...Monitors Should Have Dedicated Buttons for Input, Volume, Brightness...

Before You Vote, Research the Candidates.


Sometimes, I don't vote.

For many years, I made it a point to vote at every election. It didn't matter if it was a national or local election. I felt it was my civic duty to vote. Some years I would walk into the voting booth, not even knowing who was on the ballot. I would pull a few levers for names I thought sounded familiar. When in doubt, I'd pick whatever names were in my party.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever cast a vote for somebody without knowing anything about them?

To be honest, voting without knowing anything about the candidates is not being patriotic. It's stupid.

What if everyone voted without knowing anything about the candidates? Wait... I think an overwhelming majority of people are already doing that... No wonder we've had so many

... [More]

Continue...Before You Vote, Research the Candidates....

Last week I realized I had to scroll 5 pages of recent calls to see my parents. Had it been that long? I felt terrible.

Life can be busy at times, but I try to keep in touch with my parents. Did I actually have to scroll that far in my recent call list to see the number? Had it been over a week?

All I can say is, I won't wait that long again.

If your parents are still around... Check your Recent Call List on your phone. How far do you need to scroll to find your parents?

If it takes you a while to find them. What are you waiting for? I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

When we check the weather, what do we look for first?

The answer seems too obvious to me, but I'll answer it here, because apparently some of the people at Apple's sunny Cupertino office haven't thought this one out.

9 times out of 10, it's because we want to know what to expect when we go out.

Here's the thing. Before stepping out for lunch, I grab my phone, hit the button and drag down where I expect to see the current temperature.

Currently Sunny. The high will be 70, the low 59.

Yes. I have a window. I can see it's sunny. I just want to know if I need my jacket.

With an 11 degree split between the high and the low, I have no clue if I need my jacket. I've got news for you, when I do a quick check like that, I don't care what t... [More]

Continue...Mostly Sunny Currently - Why check to see that? What's the temperature?...

Hey Apple! Now that the screens are bigger... Give us the option to put numbers on the keyboard!

This one is a no brainer. Let's face it, everyone needs to type numbers, and it's a pain in the neck having to hit a button that turns on the numbers... then hit another button to change back to letters.

I realize that even with the larger screens, when the iPhone is sideways, there isn't much room, but when it's upright, these larger screens have plenty of room for the number row.

Now that iOS lets you have multiple keyboard options, make the number row an option. Some people will want it, some won't. At least give us the choice. In fact, instead of going into the settings menu to turn it on and off, just create an on-screen toggle where the International keyboard option i... [More]

Continue...iPhone and iPad Keyboards Should Show Numbers Too...

Hey Phone Makers... Our Landline Phones Stink.


Nobody likes landline phones, especially office phone systems.

Let's face it, landline phones are way behind mobile phones. Even the top of the line office phones are loaded with buttons and confusion blinking lights. For many people, it's easier to walk down the hall to call somebody than to find his number in the speed dial or on some outdated paper taped to the side of your monitor.

How many times have you heard somebody say "Hold on, let me see if I can transfer you, here's my number in case I lose you"?

That's because they have no idea how to use the phone, and there's actually a very good chance you'll get cut off.

There's a HUGE market for better landline phones

If you picture in your mind what your home or office will look like in 10 years... will... [More]

Continue...Hey Phone Makers... Our Landline Phones Stink....

Is that car in front EVER going to turn?

I know it's a cliche, but we can put a man on the Moon... but we still don't have blinkers that shut off if you don't turn? This idea is so simple, it's hard to believe car makers haven't addressed it.

Today's cars still use the same turn signal design that they did when they were first invented. Let's move the blinker into the 21st Century and create a trigger that can turn off if you don't use it for a couple of miles.

It may or may not save lives, but it will definitely be safer, and eliminate a lot of frustration.

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